1. Where does your traffic come from?

For Worldwide Campaigns, about 65% of the traffic comes from the US, Europe and Canada. 35% are from other countries. We also have Country Targeted Traffic campaigns available.

2. How is your traffic generated?

Our traffic is generated with Redirected Visitors. Everyday we purchase abandoned domain names that have traffic on them. We purchase them to redirect the traffic to your website. These domain names had a previous website on them. Basically, all we do is redirect that traffic coming from these websites to your website. The previous website owners either listed the sites on search engines, on lists and marketed them so you now reap their hard work by having us direct this traffic to your website. This type of redirection is better than a popups or popunders.

3. Is the traffic targeted?

Yes. With every campaign your website is visited by an expert technician. Your website
is evaluated and targeted for the best possible traffic.

4. Is the traffic 24 hours unique?

Traffic is 85% to 95% 24 hours unique. (95% for smaller campaigns)

5. Are we able to split the traffic?

Yes, traffic can be split into any amount.

6. How will I know that your traffic is being delivered?

Clients are able to see a log of IP addresses that have visited their site by loging into their traffic account. They should also see the visits in their webstats and RAW Access Server Logs.

7. Are you able to deliver a large amount of traffic per day to my site?

Yes, just send us the request and we will do our best to deliver the amount requested.

8. I receive the traffic but I’m not getting any sales, why?

Unfortunately, we do not guarantee sales. This is highly dependent on your site, the type of product or service, the overall presentation and how receptive the visitors are to your product or service. We do guarantee that you will receive all the traffic you have purchased.

9. How long will it take to deliver my traffic?

We strive to deliver your traffic within 30 days. Larger traffic campaigns take longer. We do guarantee that all purchased traffic will be delivered.

10. My webstats shows that you have delivered less traffic than what I see in my traffic campaign stats area. What’s going on?

Our traffic is from multiple sources and it goes through several servers. Because of this, the traffic may fail to appear in your webstats or other counters. However, you should see most of the traffic in your RAW Access Server Log. Rest assured that real traffic is being delivered, we do not use fake or unethical tactics to deliver traffic to our clients’ sites.

Any counter could be used to count the traffic we send, such as Google Analytics, Gostats, but please put it on the top of the page.

11. Can I see where my site is being advertised or can you provide a link so that I can see where my site is being promoted?

We display and rotate over 300 million ads/sites a month through our ad servers. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a link or show you exactly where your ads are shown for your site.

12. How long will it take to process my order? 

Orders are processed within 24 hours. All orders are a one time payment only and there are no recurring charges involved.